Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom & Dad win a car

1983 plymouth horizon
This car had heat (no a.c.) & a.m. radio (no f.m.) They won it at a Minnesota Twins Baseball game. The man standing with them is former owner of the Twins,Calvin Griffith. I remember that night. I was 5 years old & my parents left me with a babysitter for the night. They told me they would bring me back a surprise (you know, a pennant, a teddy bear, etc.). They came home late that night with a new car! It was perfect timing because they desperately needed a new car. I remember 5 years later, moving from Minnesota to Connecticut in that car with the 4 of us cramped up for 3 whole days.

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Kris Drake said...

Katie! I remember that car vividly!
That is so great that you have this photo!
kris drake

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